Autobooks is among the fastest, easiest, and most cost-effective way to accept credit card payments online, directly into your Pennian Bank Account

Never worry about writing down (or losing) a customer’s credit card information. And get your money in 2 days or less.

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Start accepting cards in minutes and never pay more than 2.89% in transaction fees

When customers ask if you accept credit cards, what do you say?

Even though you'd rather join the "plastic economy" and offer your customers a way to get their coveted credit card points or airline miles, do you still have to respond with something along the lines of:

😔 “Not yet.”

😒 “Yes, but it costs us.”

😩 “We wish we could, but..”

You’re tired of saying “no” to customers.

...but when you’ve tried to set up a way for customers to pay you with credit in card in the past, you’ve suffered one of these headaches:

  • Spending a weekend at your computer, trying to combing through your business checking account looking for a couple of penny deposits
  • Keeping track of post-it notes with sensitive customer credit card details on them
  • Waiting days at a time to get paid, while your money sits locked up with your online payment processor
  • Unhelpful, faceless customer support when issues with your online payment processor arise
  • Playing voicemail tag with customers who need to share payment details by phone
  • Cringing in embarassment when sharing the personal email you use for eBay purchases as your way to accept payment

What if there was a faster, easier, *and* cheaper way to get paid electronically — that your customers absolutely loved?

What if you could:

  • Tell customers, "Yes I'd love to have you pay by card! Even AMEX!" (and actually mean it)
  • Accept remote and contact-free credit card payments, no matter what kind of business you run or how you communicate with your customers
  • Pay low transaction processing rates for every card every charge, no matter whether it's card present or card not present, a rewards card or a non-rewards card - and always know what you'll pay in fees before you swipe a card
  • Have money land in your Pennian Bank account in 2 business days (instead of a week or longer)
  • Declare yourself victor in the battle against online payment processors - once and for all

And what if you could do it all without having to learn a complicated piece of software, sign a long-term contract, or wait for a piece of hardware to arrive in the mail?

With Autobooks you can.

Autobooks is payment software that gives you two ways to get paid directly into your Pennian Bank business checking account

The first way to Get Paid with Autobooks:

Get paid as easily as sending your Payment Link

You can share your unique Payment Link wherever you communicate with customers to let them pay electronically — directly into your business checking account.

Send your link in an email or text, add it to your web site or social media pages, or put it on a bill or invoice.

Customers will get the link, click, and go right to a form where they can pay you with their credit or debit card as easily and securely as if they were shopping on an ecommerce site.

The second way to Get Paid with Autobooks:

Send a Professional Invoice Right to Your Customer’s Inbox

Create and send a professional invoice in minutes.

Impress your customers with the polished look and feel and delight them with the easy 1-click link to pay with credit or debit card so they don’t have to look for a stamp or go to the post office to mail you a check.

Send one-off and recurring invoices and easily check to see who paid their invoice and who is past due.

Get your Money in 2 Business Days

Online payment processors make you wait 7-10 days for money to go through their systems (racking up fees along the way). Checks could take a week or a month or longer - depending on when your customer makes it to the post office.

When customers pay through your Autobooks Payment Link or invoice, funds settle directly into your Pennian Bank business checking account in 2 business days.

Autobooks pricing is always clear, transparent, and fair

Online payment processors charge different fees for different cards. They charge different fees if the card is "present" or "not present." And somehow, it’s impossible to tell how much any single card swipe costs - and the fees you pay are somehow higher than the fees they quoted you.

With your Pennian Bank account, Autobooks is $9.99 per month with the first 90 days free, and you pay 2.89% on every transaction, every time, every card, no matter what - even AMEX.

Stop overpaying on credit card fees
Autobooks charges $9.99 per month and 2.89% transaction fees
for every card, every time.

Small Businesses, Churches, and Community Organizations Love Autobooks

"The Autobooks Payment Link is extremely easy to use for me and my customers! I simply email the link for credit card payment with my invoice. They (or I) can enter their credit card information securely. The money is deposited into my checking

—Peter Frontiera, Patriot Fluid Power

"Autobooks makes it simpler for church members to give, and it's easier for our record keeping, too. To have one software, one system, all in one place, streamlines the payment process for all involved."

—Elias Garman, Mill Creek Community Church

"Autobooks allows us to quickly collect payment from customers after a class. This is a wonderful addition to Autobooks that I have been looking forward to — less paperwork and less checks lying around is fantastic!"

—Giovanni Caponi, First Response Training

Add Autobooks to your Pennian Bank checking account - and overcome the “finance department” problems that keep your small business from thriving

Not having a way to accept online payments means that you’ll never stop the cycle of waiting for checks to arrive or waiting for funds to clear. Waiting to invest in new initiatives. Waiting to pay your employees. Waiting to pay your bills.

It also means lots of worrying. Worrying if you’ll have enough money in your account in time to make an investment. Worrying if you’ll be able to make payroll. Worrying that your customers will leave for your competitor because they can get credit card points with others but not with you.

Let payment worries run your life for long enough, and soon enough you might find yourself so stressed you end up hating your job - or so strapped you’re forced to sell or shut down your business.

With Autobooks, you'll love…

  • Sharing your Payment Link everywhere you communicate with customers: on invoices, via text message, email, your website, and more.
  • Sending professional invoices with a link to pay front and center.
  • Streamlining the process of accepting credit cards: no lockup period with a third-party online processor.

Your customers will love…

  • Getting to pay in the most convenient ways: by any credit or debit card - even AMEX.
  • Paying from wherever they are, at whatever time of day is most convenient — whether that's two feet away from you at noon, or 200 miles away from you at midnight.
  • Not having to search for their check book
  • Never having to make a trip to the post office to buy a stamp to mail a bill.

Autobooks is part of your Pennian Bank Checking Account

Try Autobooks for 90 days - for free.

Only Autobooks lets you get paid as easily as texting a link. Send professional invoices, track who has paid, and get funds within 2 business days - all for a transparent monthly and transaction fee.

Try it free for 90 days. If you don’t agree that Autobooks is the fastest and easiest way to get paid by credit card, send recurring invoices, and keep track of who has paid you, cancel any time - without penalty.

Get started today and pay no monthly fees for 90 days

Autobooks is for small business owners growing their empires.

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